Knocking Out Building

Restoration Services

Fire Damage Restoration

When a fire hits your home, it is crucial that you act immediately to remedy the problem. When it comes to fire damage restoration, time really is of the essence. What is equally important is choosing the number one restoration team that can take care of you and your family’s needs in an efficient and effective fashion.

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Natural Disaster Restoration

Natural disasters by their very nature are catastrophic events that will generally occur without very much warning and can have an unforeseen impact on your family home. Depending on the type of natural disaster that strikes can determine whether our restoration work can be carried out in a number of hours or days.

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Concrete Sealing

Whether you have a previous concrete patio that needs some TLC or you’re looking to have a new one built, at Knocking Out Building we’re the team to do it—and part of this process is making sure your patio lasts by sealing it properly.

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Patio Repair and Restoration

When you hire a professional team like Knocking Out Building, you’re hiring our years of experience and the knowledge and tricks we’ve acquired in that time. Whether the original build was done by us or not, we’re up to the task of fixing any patio out there.

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Wooden Deck Construction

If you have a front or back yard that needs a bit of brightening up, a classic wooden deck is a great choice. Not only will you get years of enjoyment out of it when you host family events or set up a comfy lawn chair to relax in when you need some alone time, but you’ll be making a real investment. Did you know, that the construction of a deck will add value to your home? You can make 70% of the original cost back!

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Wooden Deck Repair

Your wooden deck should be a point of pride on your home, not a platform you have to warn people against walking on. We love to bring decks back to their former glory. Let us lend our experience to your project so you can start using your deck again!

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